100 Prayer Process with Affirmations and Step by step Guidance / Prayer Process, Affirmation and Guidance for FAMILY / Prayer Process, Affirmation and Guidance for CHILDREN / Prayer Process, Affirmation and Guidance for NEW BORN BABY / Prayer Process, Affirmation and Guidance for GROWN UP SON/DAUGHTER

Power Within

Contact the Infinite within you and find peace in this changing world.

The infinite power is in the subconscious of every living person.

Behind all the religion of the world you will find the underlying truth, but the truth has been covered all over with the thick cloud of rituals, ceremonies, symbols, liturgies and various interpretations.

There is only one truth, and God is Truth, which is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Knowing that whatever you convey to or impress on your subconscious will come forth.

Your subconscious accepts your convictions.

Everything you look at came out of mind of man or the mind of infinite.

The God-Presence will respond to any man’s prayer, regardless of creedal affiliations.

God answers the prayer of the atheist also, who says there is no God.

You must learn about the tremendous power and the intelligence within you. Use it wisely.

Research has shown that the ability to bring into action the subconscious power has determined the success of all the great scientific and research workers.

There is one Healing Power, namely, your subconscious mind. If you have faith, you shall get results.

The Presence of God-in-you is your everlasting Source of all good. When you discover this Source of all good within your mind and being, all needful things shall be added unto you.

Divine Riches awaits all those who discover their true identity.